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NorthWest Crossing in Bend Oregon -Think of NorthWest Crossing as a small town within a larger city.  NorthWest Crossing was designed to be a living, working, playing community.  It is nearly 500 acres and has over 1000 home-sites. 

NorthWest Crossing is a ‘Living Community’ that boasts an interesting green architectural concept that focuses on comfortable, practical living, with focus on sustainability. It offers a wide range of community-enriching features and there is a lively, bubbling social atmosphere to be enjoyed here.

Features and amenities

There’s definitely no lack of excellent features. Apart from the beautiful homes for sale in NorthWest Crossing, there are two elementary schools, a high school, town center, and multiple parks, making it a great option for a variety of lifestyles.

Here’s a quick look at the amenities which are available to the residents of NorthWest Crossing.

·        4 recreational parks on a total of 32 acres of land

Currently, NorthWest has completed 2 of the parks, Compass Park and Lewis & Clark Park. Both of these parks form an integral part of the community and offer a safe recreational environment for the whole family.

The parks alone have a huge variety of features that add depth and value to the NorthWest Crossing community. Compass Park hosts an annual summer outdoor cinema, as well as a bike trail and a play area. The Lewis and Clark Park offers hours of fun for children and boasts a playground, large lawn and sports grounds to keep kids of all ages and even mom and dad actively busy.

·        Biking, walking and running trails

As part of the general objective of the NorthWest Crossing estate to keep residents actively engaged in outdoor activities, they’ve created trails that connect with the parks. Paved and off-road trails, which are safe to navigate, offer residents of NorthWest Crossings glorious nature scenes to discover and enjoy. Just think what an adventure this would be for children.

·        Businesses, shops, restaurants and eateries

All 80 of the allocated slots for business are currently being used, making it a hub of entrepreneurial brilliance. The shops found in Bend hold true to the theme of environmental sustainability and you’ll find amazing hand-crafted items here.

A favorite activity from June through September is the Farmers Market on each Saturday.  Local artisans, farmers and crafters come together to share their knowledge, experience and products for sale.  It is an event not to be missed!

There are multiple restaurants and eateries that range from the small coffee café to the yogurt bar to the Mexican restaurant. Some of these restaurants make use of the produce from the community garden, and all of them strive for a lowered carbon footprint, some even achieving a zero-waste status.

·        The Community Garden

As the title suggests, the garden is for the direct benefit of the community. It was built by the West Bend Property Company (The developer of NorthWest Crossings). The garden, which is managed by the Oregon State University Extension Service Master Gardening program, is also assisted to by almost 50 NorthWest Crossings families each year.


The garden is open to both residents and restaurants alike and there are, in fact, restaurants in the Bend area that make use of the fresh produce that come from the community-driven garden. This is a great asset to the community; it brings people together, gives them a common goal to work towards, and supports the sustainability movement that NorthWest Crossings is a part of.

NorthWest Crossings Real Estate

The average home sells for about $558 000, but listings start from as low as $358 000. All homes in the community are subject to Earth Advantage certification, and even commercial space is optimized for a greener living environment. Just recently, a home was given the highest green building honor, the LEED Platinum for Homes, and the very first home to receive this honor in the area.

Commercial space is set to follow the same trend and two of the buildings in the NorthWest Crossings area have been given LEED designation at a silver level.

Facts about the Neighborhood

Bend’s popularity has grown exponentially over the past few years and it now sports a population of about 82 000 residents. It also happens to be a very popular retirement destination. Portland is the nearest large city, at 121 miles away from Bend, so Bend is a more off-the-grid area than the larger metropolitan cities. This by no means indicates that as a city it is incapable of hosting excellent services, it may not be classified as a metropolis as such, but it’s also not small town living.

The housing market has definitely benefitted from the influx of new buyers entering into Bend. And the development of the NorthWest Crossing real estate has opened up a variety of doors for individuals and families looking to relocate to Bend.

The growing tourist destination offers a variety of summer and winter sports, and indeed, people visit Bend year round for this very reason.  Summers are about as perfect as a summers can be!  Winters tend to be mild with plenty of sun.

Upcoming developments or plans

The completion of the project is still underway, but the estate developers keep the residents and surrounding neighborhoods well-informed.

Discovery Park

This park, which covers large areas of the NorthWest Crossing neighborhood is nearing completion and is said to be opening early summer 2015. The park comprises of a 3-acre lake, 12 acres of park and 20 acres of open space. It looks to be a promising community feature.

Shevlin Health and Wellness center

This clinic is built on the land previously sold to Taylor Brooks and is owned by the group. It’s set to be a state-of-the-art, fully comprehensive clinic that will offer residents of Northwest Crossing, in Bend, access to excellent medical services.

The tenant list includes:

·        High Lakes Health Care – already open to the community

·        Step and Spine – Opening summer 2015

·        Mountain View Acupuncture

·        Central Oregon Eye Care – Opening fall 2015

·        Pacific NW Audiology

·        The Center Orthopedic & Neurosurgical Care & Research (available come fall, 2016)

If you’re an environmentally conscious person, who prefers a greener lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, then NorthWest Crossing is a dream community to find a home in. There’s no shortage of value added features. It boasts an excellent healthcare facility, a beautiful spot that you can call home, and all the opportunity to build strong and happy relationships with the people around you through community hosted events.

The great thing about NorthWest Crossing is that they seem genuinely invested in building a healthier lifestyle for people. They have stayed true to their founding vision and have continued to build on it with each new phase that is opened up. This is definitely a place to settle and well-worth looking into.

Buying a Home In Northwest Crossing - Prices in Northwest Crossing

How much are homes in Northwest Crossing? - Prices in Northwest Crossing tend to be higher than other Bend subdivisions.  Its unique ''small town' characteristics and West side location have helped it to become one of Bend's most popular neighborhoods.  There are a variety of home styles that include, town-homes, duplexes, single family homes and apartments.  The styling of homes encompass a variety of designs including Craftsman, Prairie, and Modern architectural styling.

Prices can range from the high $300k's to over a million dollars depending on the type and size of the home.  The community is very active and sponsors a farmers market, festivals, concerts and movies in the park events.  You can see every home currently for sale in the search box at the top of this page.

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